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Cruising or Delivery Routing Forecasts 
charged per forecast

Please contact our office for pricing

  • Detailed Forecasts (3 to 8 days) include:

    • Detailed written summary of weather pattern

    • Routing suggestions utilizing winds and major currents (Gulf Stream)

    • Detailed breakdown of wind speed and direction, general weather, and waves

    • Daily monitoring of weather, when positions are provided

  • Verbal or short written weather consultations

  • ​ Sample detailed routing forecast:



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 Commanders' Weather Live (CWL)

Online briefings using GoToMeeting

  • Accessible from any computer, tablet or smartphone

  • In-depth explanation from the forecaster, including race strategy and local effects

  • See additional forecast data and images

  • Ask the forecaster questions in real time


Note: Available for select race forecast packages only. Email us to find out more!

View a sample of Commanders' Weather Live below: 

Other Services

  • Webinars, Seminars, and Speaking Engagements

    • Personal or group seminars for you and/or your crew, about any weather topic, route or race 

  • Weather Studies

    • Custom in-depth data studies for any location or route in the world

    • Historical data for many popular race venues worldwide

    • Seasonal outlooks for long term trip planning

  • Hurricane Forecasting

    • Daily outlook or on an as needed basis

  • Severe Weather Watch

    • Monitoring your vessel during tropical or monsoon seasons ​

  • Ski Area Forecasts

  • Expert Testimony

Special Projects

Regatta Forecasting – Detailed race forecasts 

Please contact our office for pricing


  • Day races

    • Detailed discussion on how and why the winds will change during the day

    • Hourly wind forecast

    • Phone consultations and updates during race day when allowed by regatta rules

    • Commanders' Weather Live weather briefings for select regattas (more below)

  • Offshore and long distance regattas

    • Detailed routing discussions utilizing the weather patterns and ocean currents

    • wind forecast in 3-hour or 6-hour intervals

    • Pre-race consultations are strongly encouraged

    • Surface weather maps included

    • Commanders' Weather Live weather briefings for select regattas (more below)

  • Custom or long term projects

    • 24 hour weather routing/consultations

    • On-site forecasting for a team or event

    • Sailing record attempts

  • Sample day race forecast:


  • Sample offshore/long distance race forecast:


* We kindly ask that you request race forecasts in Europe and the Mediterranean with as much notice as possible. Thank you! *

Forecasters are available 365 days/year, from 5 AM - 5PM EST/EDT or by email:

To save time signing up with us.... 
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